Blogging – Climbing The Mountain

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Millenials have been classified as being those born in the early 1980s to early 2000s. Is this you?

The millennial, or ‘jilted’ generation make up a quarter of the UK’s population, and yet they are frequently derided as narcissistic, tech-dependent and lazy. But are these epithets fair? They are the first generation to do worse than their parents, and many graduated into a climate of joblessness, extortionate housing costs, and instability.  Bestselling leadership expert Simon Sinek explains how we can help millennials become the confident future custodians our society desperately needs.

There is a Japanese expression that goes “Generalisations are seldom accurate” To lump a whole generation as having certain characteristics seems harsh. “Are they useful” would seem to be the criterion by which this can be judged. We use generalisations to help us make sense of the world they are also a cognitive dissonance trap which is not good. If I meet a vibrant witty go getter millennial I have to change my world view of millennials or deny the reality of exceptions. I take great comfort in [Paraconsistent Logic]( which enables me to hold opposing views without dissonance much like our dear friend Schrödinger did.

When we meet a person how much of the real person shines through for us or do we just superimpose stereotypes which in many ways can be very damaging. We have talked about trust here. I tend to trust people automatically until proven wrong. I am of the view that “good” is a natural occurring phenomenon. In training magistrates as part of my work in the probation service I used to quote Goethe :

> “If you treat an individual as he is, he will remain how he is. But if you treat him as if he were what he ought to be and could be, he will become what he ought to be and could be.”

If you are feeling a bit stuck why not start a blog? It is a great form of self expression and some even make money from it. Does your company have a blog and do you want to learn how it works? Start a WordPress blog. Its a great skill to add to your CV. Also in all those application forms where you have left “Website” blank can now be filled.

Blogging can be about anything or everything and can be your public face on the Internet. You can make contact with like minded individuals. Share ideas, share stories, share experiences. You have a voice on the Internet and even if only one person listens you have done a good job.

Have a look around the Internet for blogs that might interest you, there are sure to be some. Below is a contact form that you can fill out, comment about anything.

Domain Names is an example of a good domain name that is very long but it trips off the tongue. It is memorable. So too your blog address can be a phrase and generally it is easy to get a phrase. My friend Mick finally is going to create a blog. YIPPEE! So I got to thinking what I could get out of it so I came up with the idea I could get people to ask him questions and he could answer them so naturally enough : became a reality. For free. AND its a good name. See what I mean. Be imaginative.

NB : Me and my friend Mick  just spent 2 hours on what is below. I would read  the line, he would “guess”  the author and the book. From memory. He had read most of the books. He would then give me anecdotes about  the authors,, we discussed the books (I have read a lot of them) and laughed and thought. It was great. I love you Mick.!